What’s Up with 3Dponics and the Moore Farm in Gatineau?

3Dponics Proposal to NCC Moore Farm in Gatineau

Remember, back in September 2014, when 3Dponics was barely a month old, we told you all about the Moore Farm property we wanted to lease so we could set up our own maker space and community garden?

(If you need to refresh your memory, check out the entire 3Dponics Moore Farm proposal.)

3Dponics Proposal for Moore Farm Gatineau

We believed (and still do) that this property would be the ideal location for a maker space focused on green technologies and urban agriculture. What better way to fuel innovation and send a message to the world about the importance of sustainable living than to build an urban farm in the heart of the National Capital Region?

So, what happened to our proposal?

Update: How the NCC responded

After weeks of careful planning with an urban designer, we submitted our proposal to the NCC. Half a year later and we still haven’t gotten a response from the NCC.

Call us impatient, but doesn’t 6+ months seem like an awfully long time to accept or reject to an offer? Considering that the property has been on the market for years and years and still hasn’t been leased out to anyone, you’d think that the NCC would jump on an opportunity like this, especially given the social, economic and commercial benefits that such a space would bring to the community.

It’s a real shame to see so much potential being ignored. If you would like to see 3Dponics at the Moore Farm, we encourage you to write to or call the NCC and tell them what you think. The more people that do, the more likely they are to act.

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  • http://www.3dprintler.com Michael G

    Dealing with NCC is always a pleasure 🙂