Based in Ottawa, Canada, 3Dponics is a fresh, new tech lab that’s uniting two exciting worlds: 3D printing and hydroponics.

We grew exponentially in a very short amount of time, were featured a long list of industry publications and attended numerous trade shows worldwide to showcase our 3D-printable hydroponics system–all with an incredible reaction from the public.

We just opened up an office in San Francisco, California, and our growing team features some of the best web development, design, marketing and content people in the world.


We believe that 3D printing will change the way we live, and so, we’re building an online community that’s focused on education and dedicated to furthering knowledge and fueling innovation. As part of this effort, we’re teaming up with teachers and educators in Canada, the U.S. and Europe to integrate 3Dponics into K-12 curriculum and make it a vital part of STEM education.

But 3Dponics isn’t just for schools–it can be used by anyone who wants to experiment with hydroponics and try out meaningful 3D-printing projects.

Michael Golubev


Charlie Leduc

Communications Director

Anja Pujić


Ramadan Halili

Lead Developer

Luka Matijasevic

Front-End/UI developer


Zorana Bogdanovic


Srdjan Radic


Goran Gajic

System Administrator

Matthew Miller


Atul Mourya

Senior Engineer

Chuck Rifici

Advisor (Medical Marijuana)