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A design factory for 3d printng

Huerto facil

Eco-friendly indoor gardens


3D printer manufacturer

Filament manufacturer

Simple and affordable monitoring for:
hydroponics, aquaponics, aquaculture, and aquariums

Bio-derived, non-toxic, liquid fertilizer for hydroponic growers

First Voltaire Inc.

Where technology is drive

Learning about 3d printing

Large Scale Affordable 3D Printing

Files  and securely stream

3D Hardware

3D Print files warehouse

3D printable file marketplace

Where Creatives Come to Play

Additive Manufacturing Students Society

Light tapes technology

Prototyping community

Printers and Apps

3D printing Software and hardware



Education consultants in New York, NY

St. Francis Xavier

High school in Ottawa, ON

St. Gabriel School

Elementary school Kanata, ON