Video Animation of 3Dponics System

What Is 3Dponics?

First and foremost, as the name suggests, 3Dponics is a 3D-printable hydroponics system that allows you to grow your own food and follow a healthy lifestyle.

However, it is much more than that, especially when used in an educational environment such as a school or a club.

3Dponics teaches children of all ages about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), and it encourages them to apply technology to their lives in meaningful and beneficial ways.

How 3Dponics benefits you

With 3Dponics, you’ll always have the freshest produce within reach and, best of all, you’re in control of what goes into your food—no more worrying about toxic pesticides, herbicides and other harmful chemicals.

Our modular system fits practically anywhere. You can set it up in your kitchen or living room; on a balcony or patio; or outside in your yard. Space is not an issue because of the modular design and vertical setup.

More than just a personal garden…

3Dponics is much more than just a personal hydroponics garden. We see it as a realistic solution to a number of today’s problems, from the rising cost of produce to food insecurity and climate change.

It is also an incredibly valuable teaching tool in today’s K-12 classrooms, which are becoming increasingly STEM-oriented. Read more about 3Dponics in schools.

Benefits of 3Dponics

3Dponics is teaming up with schools and universities, non-profit organizations, manufacturers of hydroponics equipment, 3D-printing companies, and makers from all over the world to spread the word about the many benefits of using a 3D-printable hydroponics system.

Here are just a few examples of how various industries can benefit from 3Dponics:

  • Schools and universities: Teaching students about sustainable food production, healthy living, and horticulture. It’s also a great way to introduce them to 3D printing
  • Non-profit organizations: Setting up 3Dponics system in community centres, food banks and homeless shelters to provide fresh, healthy food to those in need
  • Research centres and tech labs: Conducting tests to measure efficiency, optimize yield, and adapt the system for use in different environments (e.g. in aerospace)


students_3d ponics

Revolutionizing the food industry

So what makes 3Dponics so special?

It could be that the key components are manufactured using today’s hottest technology—3D printing. It could be that it gives you something useful to do with all those empty pop bottles.

Or, it could even be that the system is completely free and open source, so anyone can customize it or develop creative upgrades for it.

Because 3Dponics is powered by a single air pump, it consumes very little electricity. In fact, it costs about a penny a day to operate. It also allows you to use renewable sources of energy such as the sun or wind to power the system.

We make the installation process super simple. You can order all of the parts on our website, even the 3D-printed components (for those of you who don’t have a 3D printer).

Once you’ve got the parts, building the system is super simple. Full schematics and step-by-step instructions can be found on our website and YouTube channel.

3Dponics has inspired people all over the world, from gardening enthusiasts to professional horticulturists, from foodies to executive chefs, from grade-school teachers to university professors, from 3D printers to engineers.

So join us and take back control of your food! Sign up for our online community of urban farmers.