Building your own garden and growing your own food is empowering, but what makes 3Dponics even more exciting is the fact that it’s free and open source, giving you the power to create a garden that meets your personal needs and tastes.

All of the source files are free and available to download across multiple platforms. What you do with them is completely up to you—whether you want to build the original vertical hydroponics system or tinker with the design files to create something truly unique.

Possibly the most important feature of 3Dponics is our online community, which gives you a wealth of knowledge and resources at your fingertips. Join the community and get inspired by the multitude of projects we’re all working on, including our latest mission: to create a 3D-printable, efficient and compact space farm!



We attend numerous trade shows and events, all with the same hope—of meeting thousands of existing 3Dponics users and inspiring others to put their creativity and love of DIY projects to the test.

This year, we attended the Ottawa Mini Maker Faire and the World Maker Faire in New York City. The public reaction was spectacular! 3Dponics was called everything from the greenest gadget of the show to the most educational application of 3D printing.

Eager to get started and try it for yourself? Download the partsjoin the 3Dponics online community and start innovating!