Smart CAD API SaaS Platform for 3D-Printing

API Platform for 3D-Printing

The team behind 3Dponics and 3Dprintler,  launches, the most robust SaaS-based API for CAD/CAM industry. smart APIs for 3D-printing industry perform better than any product on the market today. The current focus is on securing early adopters and developing more APIs.

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APIs for 3D-Printing Industry

  1. Additive Manufacturing API – Gets real-time quotes for your projects and order from professional manufacturing services.
  2. 3D-printing Materials API – Gets data and specifications for over 268 3D-printing materials.
  3. CAD Model Viewer API – Embeds on your website or app and view your CAD designs and 3D models in seconds.
  4. CAD Model Edit API – Rotates the entire mesh about the specified axis by the given number of degrees, also scales all of the coordinates by the specified number.
  5. CAD Model Parameter Extractions API – Provides you detailed data for accurate manufacturing price calculation.
  6. CAD Model Repair API – Fixes your CAD files and get them ready for additive or subtractive manufacturing.
  7. CAD File Converter API – Converts any of 54 supported formats into 3D-printable files!
  8. CAD Model Thumbnails API – Generates thumbnails for your CAD files with ease.

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