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3Dponics-at-CES-2015It’s finally here: our brand new 3Dponics website for open-source learning. Here you’ll find all of the resources you need to become a confident, knowledgeable indoor gardener. Growing with 3Dponics is certainly not hard, but it’s time to come together, as a community, and share what we learn along the way.

Publish, share your projects

Soon, clicking “Projects” on our website will give you access to an online community, where you can publish your own projects and check out what other growers are up to. You can engage with community members, via direct messaging or commenting publicly, and learn from each other. You’re all super creative and smart, so let’s work together ;).

Project #1: 3Dponics

To get you started, we’ll be posting the first project: How to Build 3Dponics. Follow step-by-step instructions and watch video tutorials to set your system up flawlessly!

If you’re a new follower, chances are you’re curious, but perhaps a bit confused, about 3Dponics. In short, it’s an open-source project our team spent two years developing before launching on Kickstarter in July 2014. We were successfully funded and blown away by the worldwide support we received.

The system itself costs less than $20 to set up and only a couple cents per day to operate. With 3Dponics, you can finally afford pesticide-free produce; have a garden, despite lack of space for a traditional one; and you can reuse your empty, plastic bottles in a way that’s good for the environment.

We see 3Dponics as an educational tool—perfect for instructors and their students. It’s a fun, hands-on project that teaches kids how to apply technology and science in their everyday lives. What else? The kids get to munch on the fresh produce they grow—talk about rewarding!

There’s so much more to this open-source learning project, so see our What is 3Dponics page to learn more.

Stay posted for “Projects”—coming soon on 3Dponics.com. In the meantime, join the community of users and continue to check this blog for updates. Also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Thanks for reading & happy growing, friends.


Our in-office 3Dponics system produces tons of ripe, juicy tomatoes. Bon appetit!

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