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Product Description

UGro Pure MAX AIR is a 50-litre bag (±5%) of fine coco fibre enriched with perlite (30%).

Perlite is a white volcanic mineral with many useful properties, providing excellent aeration and drainage, while still ensuring good water retention. It is sterile, lasts indefinitely and has excellent insulation against temperature fluctuation. Combined with coco fibre, it lets you create a balanced growing medium for your crop.

Advantages of UGro Pure MAX AIR:

  • The lightness of perlite offers roots better conditions for their growing, propagation and strengthening, preventing caking of the substrate.
  • Perlite can retain in its surface up to 3 or 4 times its weight in water, reducing over and under watering losses, and so make all the moisture and nutrients available to plant roots.
  • Perlite is neutral (pH = 7), thus the acidity or alkalinity of the fertilizer solution is not altered.
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