All plants need light in order to grow healthy and strong. As such, you should place your 3Dponics system in a brightly lit room, ideally next to a window. If this is not possible, you can set up LED lamps or other artificial lightning systems around your plants to ensure optimal growth.

What you’ll need:

  1. 3D-printed silencer
  2. Rubber tubing (about 10 ft)
  3. Four empty plastic bottles (2 L recommended)
  4. 20 zip ties
  5. Four 3D-printed drip nozzles
  6. Water reservoir (8 L capacity)
  7. 3D-printed conduit
  8. Air pump (e.g. Hagen Marina 200)
  9. Growth medium
  10. Four small plants
  11. Nutrient solution
  12. pH testing kit
  13. pH modifier kit

How it works

The air pump collects the nutrient solution from the reservoir via the 3D-printed conduit and pushes it through the tubing to the top of the system.

The solution then drips out of the 3D-printed head and into Bottle 1. The excess solution drains out of the bottom of the bottle, through another 3D-printed drip nozzle, and into Bottle 2.

Eventually, the solution makes its way back into the reservoir, where it will be reused in the next watering cycle.

You’ll want to monitor the pH of your nutrient solution regularly and change the water every couple of weeks to replenish the nutrients and promote optimal plant growth.