We are working on an interactive Projects page, where users will be able to browse through, create and collaborate on all kinds of fun projects and activities for their DIY systems.

Projects will be organized into three main types:

how_ tos


e.g. How to build a basic 3Dponics system; How to connect your 3Dponics system to a solar panel



e.g. How does the pH of the water impact plant growth? How much light is required for healthy plant growth?


Designs and Upgrades

e.g. a more efficient conduit or a personalized bottle sleeve

You can create a project of your own or just work on one that’s been posted by another user. You can post your results online, add pictures and, best of all, learn from other people’s experiences.

Perfect for teachers who are looking for a fun and engaging way to teach students about science, technology and sustainability. 

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